onScroll event triggers function in Angular 5

You have given a different function name while using @HostListner.Modify your code as

@HostListener('window:scroll', ['$event']) 
    scrollHandler(event) {
      console.debug("Scroll Event");

and template

<div id="notifications-list"  (scroll)="scrollHandler($event)"  >
       <div class="row notification-row" *ngFor = "let notification of notifications" > 

Please check the plunk here.Hope it helps.

The above code will trigger scroll function both when the page is scrolled as well as the div is scrolled .If you want only div scroll event,please use the following code

@HostListener('scroll', ['$event']) 
        scrollHandler(event) {
          console.debug("Scroll Event");

This will be triggered only that div is scrolled.Find the plunk here


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