(Node js) Prevent lost session context node-continuation-local-storage in Promise

This topic maybe too old but it will help you understand more about scope and lifetime of variable in node js: http://blog.mixu.net/2011/02/03/javascript-node-js-and-for-loops/

And in the previous topic: I have been mention about “node-continuation-local-storage” https://quangphamsoft.wordpress.com/2017/07/03/node-js-preserving-data-across-async-callbacks-with-continuation-local-storage-and-mongodb-client/

When we start session for each request with:

 session.run(() => {
	session.set(UtilHelper.USER_ID, user._id);
	session.set(UtilHelper.USER, user);


Sometime we need to define some Promise to handler another purpose like this:

    public static getSession(key: string): string {
        let session = require('continuation-local-storage').getNamespace(this.SESSION_NAMESPACE);
        if (session != undefined) {
            return session.get(key);
        return '';


So if you got problem with lost context of session by function get session, it’s mean when you use “session.get(key)” it will return empty value, to resolved your problem first of all you put callback to function:

public testPromise(): Promise {
    let promise = new Promise((resolve, reject) => {
        ((index) => {
            setTimeout(() => {
                let data = UtilHelper.getSession(UtilHelper.USER);
            }, 0);

    return promise;

And your implement can get session after callback:

 let promise: Promise = RestaurantManager.insert(restaurant);

        promise.then((httpStatus: HttpStatus<Restaurant>) => {
            let data = UtilHelper.getSession(UtilHelper.USER); // get session here
            let user: User = deserialize<User>(User, data);
            if (user != null) {
                user._id = UtilHelper.getObjectId(user._id);
                UserManager.update({ _id: UtilHelper.getObjectId(user._id) }, user).then((response) => {
                }).catch((err: ErrorHandler) => {
            else {

            .catch((err: ErrorHandler) => {


Hope help you something!


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